Dental Calculus (Tartar)

Dental plaque is a sticky substance that forms on teeth from bacterial build-up. It damages tooth enamel and can cause cavities and other oral health conditions.

Plaque develops on the surfaces of teeth and under the gum line. It also sticks to fillings and other dental work.

If plaque isn’t removed daily, it hardens and develops into dental calculus. Dental calculus is also known as Tartar.

Dental calculus can trap stains on teeth, causing discoloration. Tartar is also rough and porous. It may make it more challenging to remove new plaque and bacteria. Calculus can also lead to receding gums and gum disease.

Tartar produces a strong bond that only a dental professional can remove efficiently using special tools. While flossing may dislodge some tartar, you’ll need to visit a General dentist to help remove dental calculus completely.

People vary significantly in their susceptibility to plaque and dental calculus. For many, tartar deposits build up more quickly as they age.

Even if you practice excellent dental care at home, you will always have bacteria in your mouth.

If you remove dental plaque regularly, you can avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

Dental plaque is usually colourless or pale yellow. A dentist can find plaque on your teeth by looking in your mouth with a small mirror and dental explorer during an Oral examination.

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